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Emelia started her career at an early age, painting her way to better opportunities.  After all, the scenery isn't going to change itself.  Eventually studying ceramics to keep her paint in, she learned the value of great color combinations and the delicate balance of chemicals needed to bring out the best colors needed to make her artwork shine.
She took up welding as an art form and built her first pair of scissors.  While they wouldn't cut, she got the bug of beauty and became a hairstylist.  Emelia's first real pair of scissors came from Paul Mitchell's San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology.  She sharpened those shears later in Portland at Bella Institute.  Building on those great foundations with mentors from Strut Salon, Emelia has gained a true passion and knack for hair.
She takes pride in her work and loves to bring out the hidden gems in a client's desires.  She loves balancing the color and the cut to perfection.  She has her favorites, up-dos, pin-up styles and general ego boosting design, but her gift is knowing how to understand what a client wants from her stylist..
When she isn't being a stylist, commissioned artist, painting faces or doing make-up for events, she is working equally as hard and passionately to raise her beautiful 8 year old son Lucca.
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